CNN intentionally violated FCC rules against false broadcasting

On 6/27/2017 a video leaked of a cnn prosucer stating that their coverage of trump and russia was "mostly bullshit"

this statement can be reasonably believed to be an admission that they knowingly spread false information..

This false information has led to multiple attacks murders and terrorist attacks.. As well as increasing civil unrest five believers of the story

from the terrorist that open fire on Republican Senators because he believed that they were Russian agents

His social media posts reveal he truly believed those things

But this is hardly the only case

Due to cnns (admitted) false reporting:

It motivated a young woman to commit a federal crime leaking classified nsa documents because she believed she was helping "prove" the president was a russian agent

Protesters were motivated and many committed violent acts as a result of their belief

It help motivate protesters to commit violent act against supporters of the presidentt

now to be fair CNN with hardly the only ones to report it but they are one of the few that we have undercover video of them admitting that they knew it was false

and the Russia collusion story was hardly the only time that they created civil unrest and murder

They even spread anti-police conspiracy theories.. telling black people and Americans as a whole -without evidence-- police were targeting black people..

Something later debunked (only 10 unarmed black people shot by police in 2019. Most of whom were in the process of atta king a police officer))

this false information has sparked Nationwide riots and terrorist attacks that have caused the most damage of any natural disaster in history

has resulted in multiple shootings of police officers..

CNN also repeated Alexandria Cortez false claim ice agents were like Nazis

And that they ran concentration camps

This is dangerous rhetoric as well and led to several terrorist attacks against ice agents including an attempted bombing of an ice facilit

these are only a few examples of the violence shootings terrorism and civil unrest caused by CNN's notably. Reporting on certain events.. reporting that undercover video has revealed is often times known to be false.. CNN is also not the only Network guilty of such crimes.. But it is one of the ones under the most scrutiny and therefore has the most evidence against them.. Based on these facts it is reasonable to assume that CNN has in fact violated FCC regulations against false broadcasting..

The FCC prohibits broadcasting false information about a crime or a catastrophe if the broadcaster knows the information is false and will cause substantial "public harm" if aired.

FCC rules specifically say that "the public harm: must begin immediately and cause direct and actual damage to property or the health or safety of the general public; or divert law enforcement or public health and safety authorities from their duties."

This is taken directly from the FCC website.. I believe is anybody fits that description it would be CNN.. If these blatant examples of health broadcasting with more blatant examples of that broadcasting causing violence terrorism civil unrest and other problems in the country as well as even further more blatant examples of people working at the network admitting on video that they are continuing to push it despite knowing that it is false.. If all of that together is not enough to meet the FCC standards and requirements or false broadcasting then what is?. How strict must have standards be? That is a massive amount of evidence.. And if that's not enough to the rules are so strict that it's reasonably assume that nothing could meet those standards.. If not that then what? A handwritten letter to the editor signed by the CEO of the company admitting that he "is purposely pushing information that he knows is false with the intention of hurting people"" and then a video of him repeating it saying that he is not under duress? What kind of extreme standard would be necessary if not this?.

because in the history of the FCC this kind of stuff is the most evidence that can be reasonably expected to be submitted.. There's not much more you can do outside of ridiculous scenarios such as the one I outlinedd..

It doesn't seem reasonable to expect that the FCC or an agency could ever have more information and evidenc

in a situation with a network purposely pushing false information and causing violence and problems that's about as much as you can reasonably expect to get in terms of evidence.. And it should be reasonably expected to be enough.. If it were a judicial crime and it was heard in front of a court with a prosecutor and a defense and a jury that would be enough evidence to convict beyond A reasonable doubt.. direct video evidence of them admitting yet as well as reports debunking what they were saying as well as reports proving that it led directly to violence and civil unrest and even terrorism?. FCC recommended banning RT news for less

this is my suggestion.. I'm sure others have submitted as well it can't possibly be the first period. But this clearly demonstrates a theme among CNN and some other networks that purposely pushed just information knowing that it is false and knowing that it will probably cause violence and civil unrest.. It has gotten people killed. It has gotten terrorism committed.. And it tore apart the country for 4 years with large numbers of protests and felony is being committed based on what CNN has reported that they had also admitted was false.. If there was ever a Time to punish them for violations of FCC. Broadcasting rules that would be it..